How to use the Knee Slump Exercise to help with Orthoses

When you are prescribed custom made orthoses, you may be advised to do some exercises to help your body prepare to wear them and to make the adjustment period easier.

If you failed the leg raise test during the assessment, this is the exercise we advise. It stretches the neural tube around the sciatic nerve. Nerves like to be encouraged rather than bullied, so be gentle with yourself.

Do the exercise at least once a day but no more than 3 times


  • Sit on something that is high enough to allow your feet to swing freely without touching the floor.
  • Taking care not to fall forwards, slump forward, putting your chin to your chest and let your arms dangle
  • Slowly lift one leg to the point where you feel a gentle stretch in that leg
  • Without pausing, lower your leg to disengage tension
  • Repeat up to a maximum of 15 times to start with.
  • If this is uncomfortable, reduce the number of repeats
  • Gradually increase the number of lifts up to 30
  • If there is any reaction when you progress, return to the previous level
  • Repeat with the other leg